Area Resident Donations Help Clinch Memorial Hospital Acquire State of the Art EMS Diagnostic Equipment

Clinch Memorial Hospital has just acquired new state of the art EMS diagnostic equipment that will help revolutionize care for cardiac emergency patients. The new Lifepak 15 Monitor/Defibrillator allows very accurate diagnostics in the field and helps transmit them in real time to emergency rooms and physicians. This saves time, which can mean saving lives when every minute counts. The new Lifepak 15 also uses the latest lithium ion battery technology for improved reliability and availability.

Troy Humbers, interim EMS Director at Clinch Memorial Hospital said: “We have a very experienced EMS staff here at Clinch Memorial. Combining this technology with our medics’ unique skill set is a game changer. With the push of a button, the receiving Emergency Physicians and Cardiologists will see the patient’s EKG before we leave the patient’s home. This early notification and recognition of a “Heart Attack”, allows them to prepare for the patient’s arrival and will help us save lives.”

The purchase of this important new piece of equipment was mostly financed with donations made by area residents to Clinch Memorial Hospital under the Georgia HEART Tax Credit Program. This Program rewards donations to rural Critical Access Hospitals like Clinch Memorial Hospital with a Georgia state income tax credit. The Georgia Legislature just amended the Georgia HEART Program, raising the tax credit to 100% of donations, and extending the program by two years to 2021.